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BIA Advocacy Update

Moorhead approves Residential Zoning Changes

The City Council approved changes to the residential zoning map and codes. To see the changes, click here

The goal was to provide greater flexibility and address infill development for missing middle housing.

Horace approves new Land Use Ordinance

April 1, the Horace city council approved a new land use ordinance. 

View the version they reviewed here. They approved it with the following changes: 

1. The Council requested to remove accessory dwelling units as an option in the City of Horace. Removing references to Accessory Dwelling Units in all districts and definitions. 

2.  The Council requested to remove small scale wind energy systems and turbines from the land use table and associated chapters (4-4.5 & definitions)

3. The Council requested to increase the maximum height of accessory structures and buildings to 26 feet (4-5.1.A (4))

4. The Council requested to amend table 4-5.6.1.C (pgs. 5-51) to the following table:

An updated version of the ordinance and zoning map should be on the city website soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jace Hellman, community development director.

West Fargo Spring Stormwater Update 

The City wants to remind contractors and builders that all stormwater controls should now be in place. 

Read the full reminder with specifics, here

If you have any questions, please visit the stormwater webpage or call the Public Works Department at (701) 515 – 5400.

2024 Local Candidates

Election season is here! The filing deadline in North Dakota was April 8. Here is a list of candidates running for positions at the city and county levels. 

(I) = incumbent. 

Fargo Commission- two seats

Michelle Turnberg

Nathan Pullen

John Strand (I)

Arlette Preston (I)

Delson Saintal

Al Carlson

Anna Johnson

West Fargo Commission- two seats

Amy Zundel

Tyler Erickson

Rory Jorgensen

John Severson

DeAnn Reed

Horace Council- two seats and mayor

Mayor: Jeff Trudeau

Council: Naomi Burkland (I)

Council: Jordan Crouse

Council: Rachel Dwyer

Cass County Commission- three seats

District 1: Tim Flakoll

District 3: Jim Kapitan (I) 

District 5: 

Keith Gohdes

Joel Vettel

Marty Johnson

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