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BIA Advocacy Update

Vote June 11! 

We are nearing the North Dakota primary election! Be sure to make a plan to vote, whether it's absentee, early voting, or going to the polls on election day, there are many ways to make your voice heard. 

For information on how to vote, click here.

The BIA-RRV is excited to announce endorsements for local races. These candidates were chosen by BIA leadership after hearing answers at our candidate forums and by their answers to our candidate questionnaires. We aim to elect pro-housing and pro-growth candidates. 

Fargo City Commission

John Strand

Al Carlson

West Fargo City Commission

Rory Jorgensen

Amy Zundel

Horace City Council

Jordan Crouse

Rachel Dwyer


To view the recordings of our candidate forums, head to the BIA-RRV YouTube page.

We wish all the candidates running the best of luck; we are grateful to those who commit themselves to public service.

City of Horace Sanitary Sewer Notice! 

The city will no longer be allowing sanitary sewer to be connected to the televising sanitary sewer risers within the City of Horace. One will have to pull the televising riser elbow and connect to the service line. You can see the detail here. Builders, please be sure to share this with plumbers and excavators. Reach out to Keith Asheim with any questions, (701) 492-2972.

Minnesota Legislative Session Adjourned May 20

The 2024 Minnesota legislative session ended in a rush. As time was dwindling, a lengthy omnibus bill was passed that included multiple provisions. You can view that, here

Please note that there is still some time for Gov. Walz to sign or veto various bills and then we will know more information.

Of particular note is Article 10, beginning on pg. 180 that outlines new penalties for misclassification of workers. There is a specific section related to the construction industry. Most sections go into effect July 1, 2024. However, subsection 4 which provides 14 points/a definition of who qualifies as an independent contractor, goes into effect for building construction or improvement services provided or performed on or after March 1, 2025. 

We encourage you to specifically read section 181.723 beginning on pg. 181 as it outlines classification and determining an individuals' status. 

Article 11 (beginning pg. 210) has modifications to earned sick and safe time, which will go into effect as soon as it's enacted (when Gov. Walz signs). 

Exemptions include independent contractors, as well as newly, a volunteer or paid on-call firefighter, volunteer ambulance attendant or ambulance service personnel who are on-call, elected officials or those appointed to fill a vacancy, or an individual employed by a farmer, family farm, or a family farm corporation to provide physical labor on or management of a farm if the farmer, family farm, or family farm corporation employs the individual to perform work for 28 days or less each year.

Building Industry Connect with Moorhead

Building Industry Connect is an ongoing series of social events providing BIA-RRV members a platform to meet and interact with officials who impact the building industry and housing.  

For May's event, we were joined by new team members in Moorhead and some that have served the community for years. We discussed new changes to their residential zoning codes, regulatory differences between Minnesota and North Dakota and more. Thank you to everyone that came! 

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