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Embracing growth and community: Marshal Albright's journey with Cass County Electric Cooperative

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After dedicating 37 years of service to Cass County Electric Cooperative, Marshal Albright retires as CEO this month.

Marshal Albright embarked on his journey with Cass County Electric Cooperative in the mid-1980s as an electrical metering technician. As the Cooperative grew over the decades, so did Albright’s positions, leading him through diverse roles and profound experiences.  

One of Albright’s previous roles was in the marketing side of the Cooperative, he would promote electric heating and electric water heating to local builders. This led him to build relationships with the then Home Builders Association. His fondest memory was the Cooperative’s participation at the Red River Valley Home & Garden Show where they helped families decide how to efficiently heat their home. The Cooperative in that era also developed a concept called the “Idea House” where families could walk through a home and get inspiration on how to design and heat their homes from an energy perspective. 

Throughout its evolution, the main goal of the Cooperative is to grow and to advocate for economic development. “One of the things that we’ve always pushed hard for is to support economic development, because that leads to more growth and more housing.” This commitment to economic development is just one of the many accomplishments Albright says he is proud of as a company. “We’ve invested a lot to economic development over the past 25 years to make sure that we’re taking advantage of how we can support growth in this community.” Early in Albright’s career the Cooperative served about 1,100 accounts, now they serve about 58,000 accounts within their service territory spanning Fargo, West Fargo and Horace.

When reflecting on the relationships he’s made over his time in the electric industry, what Albright will miss most is the people, “not only my coworkers   but the community and our membership there’ s no doubt I’ll miss those interactions.” Albright’s plans for retirement are to enjoy it with his family, “It’s a new chapter of life that, we’re gonna ourselves.” From traveling to enjoying serene lake side and golfing, “see what life brings.” Albright embraces the future possibilities with open arms. 

               As Marshal Albright closes this chapter of his journey as the seventh CEO of Cass County Electric Cooperative, his legacy becomes an integral part of Cooperative’s rich history, continuing to support growth, economic development and endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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